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Configuring objects filter

If you don't need to add all data to the backup file you can set filters what data must be excluded or included.


Objects selection

Select whether white and black list must be applied to tables or schemas. If you select Schemas, it will include all objects that it contains, but doesn't extract any objects it depends on.


White list

Add object name patterns. Only objects matching the name will be backed up.


Black list

Add object name patterns. Objects matching the pattern will not be backed up.


NOTE: If both white and black lists are added, then the objects that match the white list, but don't match the black list are added to the backup file.


NOTE: Tables specified in the white list will be backed up regardless of the filters set for Schemas.

Backup database - Configuring objects filter

checkbox Include BLOBs

Set this option to include large objects into the backup.