Online Documentation for SQL Backup for PostgreSQL

Get started

That's how the program looks when you first start it:

Get Started

The application has two main tabs:


Backup tasks Backup tasks

It displays the list of registered servers in the left section to manage servers and run backups and tasks overview to monitor backup tasks and start/stop/pause them.


Backup targets Backup storages

This tab stores all storages created for backups. You can create new or edit existing storage, which will be used to store backup files. We would recommend to create backup storages before creating tasks.


menu Options

From this menu you can change program language and color schema, manage program licenses and check for updates.


To start working with the program


1. Register the server(s) with Register server ... link on the left panel.

2. Create backup storage(s) that will be used to backup files on the Backup targets Backup storages tab.

3. Create new backup task from the server popup menu or run the backup process manually.