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Welcome to EMS SQL Backup for PostgreSQL!

EMS SQL Backup for PostgreSQL  is an easy-to-use GUI tool to create backups for multiple PostgreSQL servers from a single console. You can use automatic backup tasks with advanced schedules and store them in local or remote folders or cloud storages.


Key features

  • Easy-to use wizard for creating backup tasks
  • Support for most of PostgreSQL server versions: starting with 7.4 up to the latest one
  • Secure connection with SSL
  • Connecting via SSH tunnelling
  • Ability to manage backups of all your servers from a single user-friendly application
  • Automation of backup process
  • Backup of either data, structure or both
  • Implemented compression to reduce backup size
  • Support of cloud storages: Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive
  • Support of multiple network protocols to store backup files: FTP, SFTP, Windows network folders (CIFS)
  • Displaying of all existing backups for each destination
  • Easy wizard to create tasks for scheduled backup process
  • All your databases can be backed up within a single task  
  • Quick backups with pre-defined options
  • Quick restore from backup launches history
  • Monitoring task execution results in real time
  • Desktop and email notifications for task start and completion
  • Any task can be paused or re-started at any time


Backup tasks tab


Check the Get started topic to get quick overview of the application.


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