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Query Data

Query results

CheckBox Fetch all data

If this option is checked, all the records according to the SELECT query are extracted from the tables, otherwise - only those displayed within the Results tab of Query Data.


CheckBox Show result for each query

With this option checked, when you execute two or more queries, the result of each query will be displayed one by one. Otherwise, only the result of the last query will be displayed.


CheckBox Show results on Edit tab

If this option is checked, the Results tab is displayed as a separate tab.



CheckBox Execute selected text separately

Check this option to allow execution of the selected statement separately.


CheckBox Write only successfully executed queries to database SQL log file

If this option is checked, unsuccessful queries will not be saved to the Query Data log file (see Setting log options in the Database Registration Info dialog).


CheckBox Don't save queries automatically for the next session

If this option is checked, the SQL query text will not be saved. Otherwise, it will be saved in Windows registry and will be therefore available in the next application sessions.


CheckBox Same queries for all databases

With this option enabled, Query Data stores all queries in a shared repository, so that switching to another database does not cause loading queries of that database (applying this option does not affect currently opened copies of Query Data). The value of the option can be changed freely without any risk to lose the query repository content.


CheckBox Refresh DB Explorer upon successful DDL statement execution

If this option is selected, the content of DB Explorer is refreshed each time a DDL statement is executed successfully in Query Data.

Environment Options - Tools - SQL Editor


Execution plan

CheckBox Explain query on execution

If this option is checked, the query plan is displayed automatically upon query execution in Query Data.


CheckBox Explain with verbose (showing execution plan as text only)

Check this option to display additional information regarding the plan. Specifically, include the output column list for each node in the plan tree, schema-qualify table and function names, always label variables in expressions with their range table alias, and always print the name of each trigger for which statistics are displayed.


CheckBox Explain with analyze

Check this option to show the full internal representation of the plan tree, rather than just a summary while displaying query plan.


CheckBox Explain buffer usage (PostgreSQL 9.0 and higher)

Check this option to include information on buffer usage. Specifically, include the number of shared blocks hits, reads, and writes, the number of local blocks hits, reads, and writes, and the number of temp blocks reads and writes.


CheckBox Display execution plan as text in addition to representation as schema

If this option is checked, the execution plan is represented both as a tree and text.


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