Online Documentation for Data Export for PostgreSQL

Using configuration files (templates)

Data Export for PostgreSQL allows you to store its configuration settings in external *.cfg files if you need to perform the data export process repeatedly.


You can load previously saved configuration settings to the application wizard if you need to make some changes before data export, or you can run it with the console application for quicker export.


Data Export templates are saved within the Save template options dialog. To open this dialog, press the Tools button and select the btnSave Save Template popup menu item.

Note: You can save changes to a template without recalling the save dialog using the btnSaveAs Save Template As popup menu item.


Using configuration files - Saving template


File name

Specify the template file name and select its location using the btnSaveAs button which calls the Save As... dialog.



Specify custom comment for the template file if need.


Using configuration files - Save Template options


If you need to repeat data exporting process with the same or similar settings later, it is reasonable to save all the settings you entered on the Start of data export process step of the Wizard.


Data Export templates are loaded within the Open template dialog. To open this dialog, press the Tools button and select the btnLoadTemplate Load template popup menu item.


Using configuration files - Loading template


Please note that loading a template is only available at the Getting started and the Setting connection properties steps of the Wizard.


If necessary, you can reload a template using the Reopen configuration popup menu item of the Tools menu.


Using configuration files - Reloading configuration


When the configuration file is loaded, you can browse (or change the settings, if necessary) in all steps of the wizard.