Database Management

Manage the unlimited number of servers and databases with minimum time and effort now. Forward the commands via SSH tunneling, set aliases and groups for databases or use tabs to work with particular nodes.

Object Management

Get all objects under control and easily manage them from DB Explorer. Simplify work creating and editing tables and all their subobjects, views, functions and procedures, packages, clusters, and other database and server objects with intuitive visual object editors. Quickly copy any object, view dependencies, and get object script.

User Management

Create or edit users from the DB Explorer tree and assign privileges in the Grant Manager tool. All database objects grants are displayed as a grid so that you could easily filter them and grant or revoke privileges on database objects, table columns, manage roles, and allocate system privileges.

Database Designer

Design ER diagrams: create and edit objects, visually set the links between them, add сomments, and customize the look with advanced style and color properties. When ready, the diagram is automatically implemented to the database by creating the appropriate objects. Create ER-diagrams from the existing databases with Reverse Engineering function.

DB Compare and Sync

Compare and synchronize databases or selected objects on different servers or within the same server. Set filters on objects and properties to improve speed. Get a detailed representation of differences and modification scripts. Generate reports with database differences. Create scheduled tasks for routine operations.

Maintenance Tasks

Run database maintenance tasks with easy-to-use wizards or schedule execution on a regular basis:

  • Backing up databases
  • Restoring databases
  • Getting advanced statistics

Database Statistics

View all the essential statistics on the specified database - system statistics, statistics on sessions (including hit ratio, information on locks and processes), statistics on storage, wait events, latches, database alerts, etc. in a convenient view with filters, sorting and charts applied.

PL/SQL Profiler

Improve database performance with an easy PL/SQL profiler tool to view profiler sessions and find bottlenecks.


Have your data or objects back with a powerful tool for restoring data to a certain state. You can either return table data to the recent state or restore dropped table to before-drop state.

Query Designer

Build complex queries with joins, conditions, and sub-queries in a visual mode without extended knowledge of SQL syntax. Add grouping, filtering, and sorting in the special area selecting fields and values. Use code completion, keyboard templates, procedure hints, and other useful features for manual editing of queries.

Sсript Editor

Edit and run large scripts from editor or files. Improve navigation on SQL code with statements explorer, customized formatting, and code folding. Include automatic execution of custom scripts into your tasks.

SQL Formatter

Beautify your code and make it clear to everyone with the formatting feature. Formatter settings can be adjusted to your needs. SQL Formatter is available in Query data and Execute script tools and some object editors.


Improve code quality debugging your code directly in the IDE. Minimize time on locating the errors with step-by-step execution, variables, watches, call stack, and breakpoints.

Data Generator

Generate test data for Oracle tables without effort: set data range or add files with sample data, specify total rows count, preview data, and populate tables immediately or save a result script. Data integrity for linked tables is processed automatically. Use of masks, constraints, formulas, and all data types are supported.

Report Designer

Create data reports in a few clicks with a user-friendly wizard and access them from the DB Explorer. Apply suggested display templates or set advanced options and detailed layout with the specialized editor.

Database Documenter

Automatically generate database structure as a searchable HTML document or a PDF file. Just a few steps and you get documentation with all objects and properties in a customized view. Generated files can be saved in other different formats.

Import data

Import data into tables from 10 most popular formats: MS Excel, MS Word, XML, MS Access, PDF, TXT, CSV, and more. Follow the steps of the friendly wizard to set column correspondence, select between insert, update, delete modes and customize data format. Use generators, constants, increments, and replacements if needed. Create automated tasks.

Export Data

Export table, view or query data to any of 20 popular formats: MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, HTML, PDF, TXT, CSV, DBF, XML, ODF, and more. Simple wizard helps to select required fields, set advanced format properties for output data and file layout. Save time for routine operations with templates and command-line execution.

Migrate and Convert

Seamlessly convert databases from any ADO-compatible source to Oracle databases. Migrate tables, select required fields and indices, views, data, customizing each element if needed. Automate migration with the console utility.

Data Сompare and Synс

Compare table data between different servers or within the same one and quickly synchronize them. Select columns and records manually or automatically, view comparison results, generate difference reports. Edit the result synchronization script and execute it immediately or save for future use. Create scheduled tasks to run synchronization automatically.