Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Setting additional options

This step of the wizard allows you to set additional options for the database restore operation (for RMAN strategy).


Restore Database - RMAN - Setting additional options




Target database user

Specify the target user under which the RMAN session will be created.


Database name

Specify the name of the target database to restore.



Specify the password for the user under which the RMAN session will be created.


CheckBox Using catalog

Catalog can be considered as a special database which stores backup settings. Specify Catalog user, Password and Database name to use it.


RMAN script execution

Specify the OS to build the command file for:

RadioButton Build command file for Unix

RadioButton Build command file for Windows

or select RadioButton Run script now for immediate execution.


CheckBox Restore from online backup

If this option is selected, the previously created online backup will be used to restore the database.


CheckBox Restore controlfile from autobackup

Select this option to restore the control file from autobackup, or specify the name of the snapshot controlfile name containing all the changes (if any) made to the database.


Click the Next button to proceed to the last step of the wizard.