Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Viewing dependency tree

To view dependencies of an object, click the Select object Navigation bar item. Then select the required object in the Select Object dialog window. The dependency tree will appear in the main area of the window.


Dependency Tree - Select object


While the tree of dependencies is being built, the progress bar is displayed in the status area at the bottom of the window.


Dependency Tree


The root object is marked out with a blue frame.


The objects that the root object depends on are located to the left of the root object.

The objects that depend on the root object are located to the right of the root object.


Object dependencies are denoted as regular arrows from the left to the right (->).

A cyclic dependency (i.e. when the object already has some other depending object(s)) is denoted as a line ending with a cross (-x).


You can switch between objects by selecting them in the diagram. The selected object becomes the root object. To make an object root, you can also right-click it in the diagram area and select Set as Root from the context menu. The context menu of an object also allows you to edit it using the corresponding editor.


The history of selected root objects is also available: you can move back and forward through this history using the Previous object and the Next object links on the Navigation bar or toolbar.


Hint: To show/hide subobjects (e.g. table triggers, foreign keys), click the Show subobjects / Hide subobjects item on the Navigation bar.