Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Using Navigation bar and Toolbar

The Navigation bar and Toolbar provide quick access to tools implemented in Dependency Tree.


Dependency Tree - Using Navigation bar



iconDB select a database for browsing object dependencies



iconRefresh refresh the currently displayed dependency tree

iconPrint print the diagram

iconPrintSetup set printing options using the Print Setup dialog

iconSaveAsPicture save the current diagram as a picture

iconRestoreDefaultSize restore the default size and position of the window



iconTools_DependencyTree_PrevObj navigate by switching to the previous object

iconTools_DependencyTree_NextObj navigate by switching to the next object

iconTools_DependencyTree_Subobjects show/hide subobjects

iconTools_SelectObject select a root object


NB: You can enable\disable Toolbars and Navigation bars at Environment Options.


Hint: Items of the Object pane of the Navigation bar are also available in the context menu of the Dependency Tree area.