Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Using the context menu

The context menu of the grid is aimed at facilitating your work with data: you can perform a variety of operations using the context menu items:

  • copy the selected cell value to Windows clipboard;
  • paste the clipboard content to the currently selected cell;
  • copy/paste multiple records;
  • data manipulation: Export Data from the table, Import Data to the table, Export Data as Execute Script;
  • set/disable Quick Filter;
  • clear sorting;
  • set a value for the selected cell: NULL, Empty string (for string fields), Now (for DATE/TIME fields);
  • edit the BLOB value or save the BLOB to file using BLOB viewer/editor;
  • expand/collapse grid levels and navigate within the tabs;
  • manage grid levels: add a new grid level, delete the current grid level (this item is enabled only when the detail level exists and is currently focused);
  • switch to the Card View mode;
  • view Column Summary;
  • select visible/invisible columns of the dataset;
  • fit column width for better representation;
  • specify the grid mode: Load All Rows, Load Visible Rows, Default;
  • view/edit grid properties.


Data View - Grid View - Using the context menu


Note: If the CheckBox Show editor immediately and CheckBox Always show editor options on the Environment options | Grid tab are checked then the context menu of a grid can be evoked by selecting the necessary cell and right-clicking the table header. Otherwise, right-clicking the cell evokes the cell editing menu.