Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Managing partitions

The Partitions tab is provided for managing table partitions.


Table Editor - Managing partitions



This area allows you to specify individual partitions. Right-click within the list area to call the context menu allowing you to create a new partition, edit or delete the selected partition. Several partitions can be deleted and truncated at the same time.

Using the context menu you can also:

  • Split partition
  • Truncate partition
  • Merge partitions


To merge several partitions select them with the Shift button and click the Merge partitions context menu item. After that specify the name for the newly created result partition.


Use the Split partition item to redistribute the contents of a partition into two or more new partitions. The following dialog is opened on splitting a partition.


Table Editor - Managing partitions - Splitting partitions



Define partitions names and values of the partition being splitted and click the OK button.


Use the Truncate partition context menu item to remove all rows from a table partition. Truncating a partition is similar to dropping a partition, except that the partition is emptied of its data, but not physically dropped.


For details see Partitioning.