Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Working with table data

The Data tab displays the table data as a grid by default (see Data View for details). The context menu of this tab allows you to Export Data, Import Data, Export as SQL Script.


Data management tools are also available through the Navigation bar of Table Editor.


While working with data, you are provided with a number of filtering and grouping facilities.

If necessary, you can group the data in grid by any of the columns. This operation is performed by dragging the column header to the gray "Group by" box area at the top. When grouping by a column is applied to the grid, all the rows are displayed as subnodes to the grouping row value. To reverse grouping, just drag the column header back.


Table Editor - Working with table data


Note: You can add a restore point before changing data, to get an opportunity to flash back to the current data state.

Click iconAddRestorePoint Add restore point on the Navigation bar or toolbar to open the Add restore point dialog. For details see Adding restore point.