Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle


The Sessions tab displays the list of sessions opened for the database (the most I/O active sessions are colored red) and additional information for each session: hit ratios, processes, locks.


Database Statistics - Sessions


The list displays the sessions as a grid with the following columns: USERNAME, SID, SERIAL#, STATUS, Lock wait, MACHINE, TYPE, COMMAND, CPU_TIME, UGA memory. If more convenient, you can change the order of the columns by dragging their headers horizontally.


Click a column caption to sort items by values of this column in the ascending or the descending mode.


In order to filter items in grid, you can use Custom Filter and Filter Builder dialog. For more information refer to the Filtering records page.


Right-click an item within the list to call the context menu allowing you to refresh the list, kill a session, disconnect a session and set SQL trace to the trace log on the server.


Session management tools are also available through the Navigation bar of the Database Statistics window.


The lower area displays the following statistics for each session: