Online Documentation for Data Generator for Oracle

Setting default constraints

On this page you can define the default constraints for all supported data types.


CheckBox Set NULL value in ... % of cases

This option allows you to specify the percentage of records that will remain NULL by default.


Preferences - Default constraints



Default Integers

Use this tab to set the desired minimum and maximum number values to be generated.



Default Floats

Use this tab to set the number of digits and the precision for the floating point numeric values.



Default Strings

Use this tab to set the range of characters to be used for generating string values (for example, from "A" to "z") and their minimum/maximum length.


CheckBox Include new line

Select this option to allow line feeds in generated string values.


CheckBox Windows new line

Select this option to specify Windows-style line feeds.


Sample Text

If more convenient, you can input any string that will be used as sample text. You can choose to generate sample text when setting generation parameters for strings.



Default Date

Use this tab to set the date range by defining the minimum and the maximum values. Check the CheckBox Include Time option to generate non-zero random time in addition to the date.


Date format

Type in or use the drop-down list to specify the preferable date format.