Online Documentation for Data Generator for Oracle

Setting general options

This page allows you to define general options of the application.


Number of records to generate

Sets the quantity of records generated by default.


Commit every ... records

Specifies the number of records in each block of the generation script to be supplemented with the COMMIT statement.


Number of records to preview

Sets the quantity of records used in the Data Preview window by default.


Preferences - General



CheckBox Confirmation on exit

Enables/disables confirmation upon exiting the program.


CheckBox All fields selected by default

Check this option to include all fields into the data generation process by default.


CheckBox BLOB fields selected by default

Uncheck this option if you need to exclude BLOB fields from the generation process by default.


CheckBox Clear tables before generation

Set this option to empty tables before data generation.


CheckBox Save passwords

Setting this option allows you to save passwords used for access to the databases automatically upon closing the application. Please note that checking this option saves the latest password used for connection to the database (including the SSH server password).


CheckBox Show DDL for table in hint

This option enables/disables hints that popup when the mouse cursor is positioned over the table names within the Generate Data for area at Step 3.