Online Documentation for SQL Query for MySQL



CheckBox Save desktop on disconnect

This option determines whether the previously opened windows and their positions should be restored upon connection to the database.


CheckBox Use transactions

If this option is checked, all queries are executed in transactions, otherwise each query is executed separately with autocommit.


CheckBox Disable multiple instances

This option prevents users from running multiple instances of SQL Query for MySQL on one system simultaneously.


hs4111 - Environment Options - Preferences


CheckBox Allow query parameters

This feature allows you to specify different values within a query in a popup dialog just before the query execution. Use the colon (':') character before an identifier (e.g. :P1) to specify a parameter within the query.


CheckBox Show splash screen at startup

Displays the splash screen of SQL Query for MySQL at the application startup.


CheckBox Autoconnect databases at startup

If this option is selected, connection to the registered databases is established automatically at startup.


CheckBox Queries with explain plan

If this option is checked, the Query Plan tab is displayed automatically within the Results tab upon a query execution.


CheckBox Query results on separate tab

If this option is checked, the Results tab is displayed as a separate tab.


CheckBox Encrypted passwords

Encrypts passwords for connecting to databases stored in Windows Registry.



CheckBox Use history

Check this option to save the history of all edited queries and set the number of queries to be saved in the History depth box.


CheckBox Show history for current query only

Check this option to display the whole query history, or uncheck it to display the history for the current query only.