Online Documentation for SQL Query for MySQL

Query Builder

General options


CheckBox Select condition row

Displays the selected condition in different rows within the Criteria and Grouping criteria tabs of Visual Query Builder.


CheckBox Drag field name

Displays the dragged field name in the Builder area.


CheckBox Hide selection when inactive

Hides the current selection when Visual Query Builder is inactive.


CheckBox Show field types in hints

Displays field types next to the field names in the table box.


CheckBox Clear condition on query type changing

Check this option to clear the condition when the query type is changed. Otherwise it will be saved, and you can therefore use your condition for the UPDATE statement in the next SELECT statement to view the updated data.



Visible tabs

These options specify which Visual Query Builder tabs are available and which are not. Check the boxes to make the corresponding tabs visible.


Script format

These options specify the case formatting of keywords and functions in the query text within the Edit tab: As is keeps the original case, Uppercase sets all the keywords/functions to the upper case, Lowercase sets all the keywords/functions to the lower case, and First upper sets the first letters of all keywords/functions to the upper case.


hs4114 - Environment Options - Query Builder




These options specify the way various Visual Query Builder elements look: the Condition button: Flat, 3DLook, Raise; object borders: Bump, Etched, Raised, Sunken. If necessary, you can also specify flatness for objects and buttons using the corresponding options.




CheckBox XP tables style

This option determines the appearance of non-client areas of tables in Visual Query Builder.


CheckBox Union all by default

With this option set, new union subqueries will be united with already existing subqueries by the UNION ALL clause, otherwise - by the UNION clause.


CheckBox Only select mode

Check this option to disable building of the INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements.


CheckBox Use icons

With this option selected, you can see the icons next to the database objects in Visual Query Builder.