Online Documentation for SQL Query for MySQL

Grid View

By default, data returned by a query are displayed as a grid. It is indicated by the Grid View tab selected on the View mode panel at the bottom of the Results area of the window.


When in the Grid View mode, the columns correspond to the fields and the rows correspond to the records. Clicking the column caption sorts data by the values of this column in the ascending or the descending mode. The navigation pane at the top of the grid allows you to browse the data quickly, to insert, update and delete records, add bookmarks, and to set a filter for the records using the Filter Builder dialog. Within the Find field you can quickly set filter for the selected column.


hs3420 - Grid View


The context menu of the grid provides additional functions, namely those used to show/hide the Group Box for easier work with the grid, to print data or to view/edit the column summary.