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Using Navigation bar and Toolbar

The Navigation bar and Toolbars provide quick access to tools implemented in Show Information.


Show - Using Navigation bar


The Navigation bar of Show Information allows you to:


General group

iconDB select a database


Host group

iconShowBinaryLogs Show binary logs

iconShowBinLogsEvents Show binlogs events

iconShowCharacteSet Show character set

iconShowCollation Show collation

iconDB Show databases

iconShowEngines Show engines

btnCreateDB Show errors

iconGrantManager Show privileges

iconShowProcessList Show processlist

iconShowWarnings Show warnings


Database group

btnRegisterDB Show create database

iconShowOpenTables Show open tables

iconShowProcedureStatus Show procedure status

iconShowTableStatus Show table status

iconShowTables Show tables

iconShowTriggers Show triggers



The Toolbars of Visual Database Designer provide quick access to most tools of Show Information feature.

To enable the toolbars, open the Environment Options dialog, proceed to the Windows section there and select RadioButton Toolbar (if you need the toolbars only) or RadioButton Both (if you need both the toolbars and the Navigation bar) in the Bar style for child forms group.