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Setting additional options

This step allows you to customize common copying options and data options for the Copy Database process.


Connection options


CheckBox Use compression protocol

Enables using the compressed data protocol when connecting to the destination database.


Structure Options


CheckBox Drop object if exists

Check the option to add the DROP IF EXISTS statements for the objects specified for copying.


CheckBox Disable foreign key checks

If this option is selected, foreign key constraints are not considered in the copying process (SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0).


CheckBox Copy dependent objects

This option determines objects' dependencies usage in the copying process. Check the option to copy all objects that the selected objects depend on.


CheckBox Copy privileges

Check the option to copy privileges associated with objects.


Copy Database Wizard - Setting additional options



Data options


RadioButton Record count per each data block

In this mode you can define number of records in each committed block manually. Use the spinner control for this purpose.


RadioButton Max allowed data block

Select this option to set maximum size for data block.


CheckBox Commit each data block

Check this option to add the COMMIT statement after the defined number of records.


CheckBox Extract table data just after its definition

Check the option to extract table metadata before extracting data.


CheckBox Delete old records before copying

Check the option to truncate target table (if it exists) before inserting data from a source table.


When you are done, click the Next button to proceed to the Copying database step of the wizard.