Online Documentation for SQL Manager for MySQL

Common options

The Options section of the Database Registration Info dialog allows you to set various options for the database.


Database Registration Info - Setting common database options



Customize common database options according to your needs. The detailed description is given below.


CheckBox Login prompt before connection

Enables SQL Manager for MySQL to prompt for user name and password each time you connect to the database.


CheckBox Use compression protocol

Enables using the compressed data protocol when connecting to the database server.


CheckBox Interactive mode

Enables using the interactive_timeout variable value from my.cnf file instead of wait_timeout for connection timeout.


CheckBox Quote identifiers

Enables quoting all the identifiers with the backquote symbol ('`').

To make SQL scripts obtained using the Extract Database Wizard compatible with older versions of MySQL, uncheck this option.

Note: This option works only with servers that support quoting aliases.


CheckBox Quote user names

Enables quoting usernames with the backquote symbol ('`').


CheckBox Autoconnect at startup

Check this option to specify that SQL Manager for MySQL automatically establishes connection to the registered database at application startup.


CheckBox Refresh objects on connection

This option allows you to enable/disable refreshing objects on connection to the database. It is highly recommended to uncheck this option if your database contains many objects or if connection to the database is slow.


CheckBox Automatically reconnect when connection is lost

If this option is selected, the application attempts to re-establish database connection upon disconnect.


CheckBox Use Unix line folding (\n) for text fields (for Unix-based servers)

Check this option to use the "\n" to mark the line break when saving data. The default value is "\n\r".


CheckBox Don't use this database registration info to get server objects

If this option is enabled, the registration info of this database will not be used to establish server connection and get server objects (when expanding the Server Objects node in DB Explorer).


CheckBox Use INFORMATION_SCHEMA database to refresh metadata

If this option is not checked then metadata is refreshed on the basis of the 'mysql' database.