Online Documentation for SQL Manager for MySQL

Login Host / Database Login dialogs

The Login Host dialog appears each time a request is sent to the server which requires authentication. The application prompts you to specify host connection parameters to access the specified host: user name, password, client charset, and SSH tunneling or HTTP tunneling settings (if used).


Appendix - Login Host



Once you have specified the connection properties, you can check whether it is possible to establish connection to the server: click the Test Connection button for this purpose. If connection is successful, you will get the 'Connected!' message; otherwise an error message will be returned.



The Database Login dialog appears on attempt to connect to a database if the Login prompt before connection option is enabled on the Options page of the Database Registration Info dialog.


Appendix - Database Login



Note: The SSH user name and SSH password boxes are available only if SSH tunneling is used for the database connection.


Specify user name / password, SSH user name / SSH password (if necessary) and click OK to start working with the database.