SQL Backup PRO SQL Backup SQL Backup Free
Compressing backup files (on any SQL Server version)
Support of SQL Server native backup encryption
Reducing backup time up to 4 times (on any SQL Server version)
Multi-threaded execution of backup operation to achieve maximum performance
Backing up multiple databases to a single file
Prevention of the service task failure due to network problems
Support of Cloud Storages: FTP (SSL), SFTP (SSH), Windows network folders (CIFS), Dropbox
"One the fly" uploading of backups to several cloud storages simultaniously
Restore of broken connection on uploading to cloud storages
Ability to perform 11 types of maintenance tasks including backup, re-indexing, updating statistics, etc.
The possibility to download backup files from servers and cloud storages
Utility for converting backup files from SQL Backup to SQL Server formats
Unlimited number of remote and local storages for each backup
Intelligent Restore. Automatic history restore on a chosen date picking the files sequence based on server LSN numbers
Building the backup files sequence with the possibility to find and download the necessary files from cloud storages
Policy engine to quickly deploy maintenance tasks to multiple servers and to monitor their execution results
A set of standard templates for sample maintenance policies of server systems
Centralized monitoring of policies on multiple servers using the user-friendly GUI console
Ability to remotely install server components
E-mail notification mechanism informing of the task execution results
Generating reports on maintenance task results
Exporting maintenance tasks history to an external file
Backup of files and filegroups
Bulk Restore: emergency restore of multiple databases
Number of maintained databases per SQL Server instance
2 DB
Ability to ship databases between SQL Servers as per schedule
Support of Cloud Storages: Google Drive
Multiple compression levels to achieve optimal balance between backup size and execution time
Backup encryption (on any SQL Server version)
Support of Cloud Storages: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure
Support of SQL Server Failover Cluster
Easy-to-use wizard organizing the log shipping process
Working with Enterprise and BI versions of SQL Server (PRO version only)


* SQL Server instance with the Free license can only be set as a source server for DB Shipping.