Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Report bugs and suggestions

If you want to report a bug occurred in the application or just provide some feedback you can do it directly from the EMS SQL Backup. Before reporting bugs and suggestions make sure you are using the latest version of the EMS SQL Backup.


To create an e-mail with attached bug report files automatically do the following:

  1. Select the server on which the problem occurred in the Servers tree;
  2. Choose the Send bug report to EMS its context menu item;
  3. After a while the default mail client installed on your computer will be opened with newly created email having bug report files attached to it;
  4. In the generated e-mail describe the steps to reproduce the occurred bug and send the letter.


If due to some reasons the e-mail creation failed or the report sending was canceled the following dialog appears.


Report bugs


Follow the given instructions to create bug report e-mail manually:

  1. Click the "mailto:" link to open mail client, or in case no client has been opened copy the address by clicking the Copy to clipboard button and create e-mail in a preferable client;
  2. Click the Save and open folder button and define the directory where the bug report file should be saved; after the file is saved the defined directory will be opened automatically;
  3. Attach the saved file to the created e-mail;
  4. Describe the steps to reproduce the occurred bug and send the email.