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Manage templates effectively

Using the templates tool of EMS SQL Backup you can create saved into EMS SQL Backup configuration policies, tasks, steps and schedules settings.


In order to create a template proceed to the Templates tab and choose an object type (policy, task, step or schedule) which template you want to create. Then click the Add button located on the toolbar or in the context menu.


If you already have a configured policy on a group of databases or servers you can create its template. In order to do this proceed to the Policies tab and select the CreateTemplateFromPolicy Create Template from Policy its context menu item.


Also you can create templates of existing tasks, steps and schedules. To do this you need to:

  • open the policy including these objects in the policy editor;
  • select the CopyToTemplate Copy to Templates context menu item of the object which template you want to create.


All saved templates can be later used for creating policies.

In order to create a policy based on a template you need to select the CopyFromTemplate Create Policy from Template context menu item of a policies list on the Policies tab. In the Item Selection dialog choose the needed template (or several templates). The policy editor will be opened. All tasks included in the template will be automatically added to the policy being created.


In order to create a task/step/schedule based on a template in a policy use the AddNewFromTemplate Add New from Template context menu item or the toolbar corresponding button on the second step of the policy wizard. The added object can be opened in its editor afterwards to change some parameters if needed.


Templates tab contains a list of all predefined templates as well as templates created by user. You can save a template into *.xml file by selecting the ExportTemplate Export its context menu item. Also you can load saved templates using the ImportTemplate Import button. This ability allows copying templates from one EMS SQL Backup configuration to another.


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