Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Setting SQL Server backup options

At this step you can define backup options. This step is available only on creating back up by means of SQL Server. The following dialog is displayed for SQL Server 2008 and older versions.


Service tasks - Backup Database - SQL Server backup - Setting backup options


Block size

Define the size of a data block in bytes. The supported sizes are 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, and 65536 (64 KB) bytes. Possible values are: RadioButton Default, RadioButton To restore from CD (2 KB), RadioButton Other (i.e. you can specify an arbitrary value).


If necessary, you can set a Password for the backup: enter the password twice in the respective edit fields.


Write type

RadioButton Append / RadioButton Overwrite

Select whether the media should be appended or overwritten during the backup operation. By appending another backup set to existing media, the previous contents of the media remain intact, and the new backup is written after the end of the last backup on the media.


CheckBox Backup compression

This option enables backup compression overriding the server-level default (for SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and later versions).


For servers that support backup encryption the following options are available:


Editing Service task template - Backup Database - Backup Options2014short


Backup encryption

You can set SQL Server encryption options for backups.


CheckBox Encrypt backup - enables backup encryption.


Select the encryption algorithm in Algorithm and the certificate or asymmetric key in Certificate or asymmetric key field. Please note that you can only use certificates protected by master key or EKM asymmetric keys from master database.