Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Backup Converter Utility

This utility is used for converting EMS SQL Backup backup files to standard MS SQL Server backup files. It is run in console mode only.



<path to ConvertUtil.exe tool>\ConvertUtil.exe -I[nputFile]:file_name -O[utputFile]:

file_name -D[atabases]:name[,...n] [-H[elp]|Help|-?] [-P[assword]:password]


The path to this utility is "C:\Program Files\EMS\SQL Backup\Distrib\Service\", on the machine where EMS SQL Backup Console is installed; on the server - "C:\Program Files\EMS\SQL Backup\Service\".



-I[nputFile] stands for the EMS SQL Backup file to be converted

-O[utputFile] sets the result name of SQL Server backup file

-D[atabases] sets database name(s), which data should be extracted


Optional parameters:

-H[elp]|Help|-? outputs reference information

-P[assword] sets the password to convert encrypted backups



"C:\Program Files\EMS\SQL Backup\Service\ConvertUtil.exe"  -I:”C:\Data\TEST.bkp” –O:”TESTms.bak” 

–D:Employee,Departments –P:8p5Zh79


Note: If EMS SQL Backup backup is split into several files you only need to specify the first file from the chain, all subsequent files are processed automatically.


Note: If on backup you specified more than one threads at Defining EMS SQL Backup settings, you will get n MS SQL Server files as a result of conversion. You will need to select all of those n files on restore by MS SQL Server means.