Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Backup Devices

A Backup device is a tape drive or a disk drive used in backup and restore operations. When creating a backup, you must select a backup device where the data will be written. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (and higher) can back up databases, transaction logs, and files to disk and tape devices.


Creating Backup Devices


To create a new backup device:

  • right-click the Backup Devices node (within the Server Objects branch) or any object within this node in the DB Explorer tree and select the New Backup Device item from the context menu;
  • define backup device properties using the appropriate boxes of the New Logical Backup Device dialog


Hint: To create a new backup device, you can also select the Services | Backup Devices main menu item to open the Backup devices manager and select the Add Device... item from the context menu or on the Navigation bar.


To create a new backup device with the same properties as one of existing backup devices has:

Alternatively, you can right-click a backup device in the DB Explorer tree and select the Duplicate Backup Device <backup_device_name>... context menu item.


Duplicate Object Wizard allows you to select the server to create a new backup device and to edit the result SQL statement for creating the backup device.



To create, rename and drop backup devices, you can also use the context menu and the Navigation bar of Backup devices manager.