Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

New backup device

The New Logical Backup Device dialog opens automatically when you create a new backup device and allows you to define the new backup device parameters.


To call the dialog, you can right-click the Backup Devices node or any object within this node in the DB Explorer tree and use the Ctrl+N shortcut.


Backup Devices - New logical backup device



Device Type

Select the logical backup device type: RadioButton File, RadioButton Pipe (for SQL Server versions earlier than 2005), or RadioButton Tape.


Disk backup devices are files on hard disks or other disk storage media are the same as regular operating system files.

Tape backup devices are used in the same way as disk devices, but the tape device must be connected physically to the computer running an instance of SQL Server, and if a tape backup device is filled during the backup operation, but more data still needs to be written, SQL Server prompts for a new tape and continues the backup operation.


Logical Name

Enter a name for the new backup device.


Physical Device Name and Path

Define the physical location of the device.

If Device Type is set to File, enter the path and the full name of the file.

If Device Type is set to Tape, enter the physical name of the device.