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An alert is as an automated response to one or more events. You can define an alert to specify how SQL Server Agent should respond to their occurrence. An alert can respond to an event by notifying an administrator or running a job, or both. An alert can also forward an event to the Microsoft Windows application log on a different computer. By defining alerts, database administrators can monitor and manage SQL Server more effectively.


Before using SQL Server operators, make sure that the SQL Server Agent service is running.


Alert Editor allows you to define alert properties. It opens automatically when you create a new alert and is available on editing an existing one.


To open an alert in Alert Editor, double-click it in the DB Explorer tree or in the Alerts manager. Alternatively, you can right-click the alert alias and select the Edit Alert context menu item.



To create, edit, rename and drop alerts, you can also use the context menu and the Navigation bar of Alerts manager.



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