Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Using Navigation bar and Toolbar

The Navigation bar and Toolbar provide quick access to tools implemented in Database Registration Manager.


Database Registration Manager - Using navigation bar and toolbar



The Navigation bar of Database Registration Manager allows you to:



iconHost select a host



iconRefresh refresh the list of databases

iconCommit apply changes - register selected databases



iconCheck_New_DB select all databases located on the host

iconUncheckAllDatabases uncheck all databases in the list

iconUnckeckDeletedDatabases uncheck databases deleted from the host



iconDB database existing on the host

iconRemovedDatabase database removed from the host



Items of the Navigation bar are also available on the ToolBar of Schema Editor. To enable the toolbar, open the Environment Options dialog, proceed to the Windows section there and select RadioButton Toolbar (if you need the toolbar only) or RadioButton Both (if you need both the toolbar and the Navigation bar) in the Bar style for child forms group.