Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Misc Server Settings

The Misc Server Settings section of the Server Properties dialog allows you to configure the instance of Microsoft® SQL Server by setting miscellaneous server options in groups: General settings, Two-digit year support, Network settings.


General settings


Use the Default language for user drop-down list to select the default language for all newly created user logins.


CheckBox Allow triggers to fire other triggers

Use this option to specify whether server-level triggers can be fired recursively.


CheckBox Use query governor to prevent long-running queries

This option allows you to specify a limit on the time period in which a query can run. The query governor disallows execution of any query that has an estimated cost exceeding that value.


Server Properties - Misc Server Settings


Two-digit year support


Interpret two-digit year as falling between 1950 and ...

Use this option to specify an integer from 1950 to 9999 that represents the cutoff year for interpreting two-digit years as four-digit years.


Use the Network packet size option to set the packet size (in bytes) used across the entire network.


Use the Remote login timeout option to specify the time interval (in seconds) to wait before returning from a failed attempt to log in to a remote server.