Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server


The Filegroups section of the Database Properties dialog allows you to manage filegroups for the database.


Each database has a PRIMARY filegroup which contains the primary data file and any secondary files that are not put into other filegroups. User-defined filegroups can be created to group data files together for administrative and data allocation/placement purposes.


Database Properties - Filegroups


All data files are stored in filegroups:

  • PRIMARY: the filegroup that contains the primary file. All system tables are allocated to the primary filegroup.
  • User-defined: any filegroup that is specifically created by the user when first creating or later altering the database.

Read Only

Specifies that the filegroup is read-only. Updates to objects that reside in this filegroup are not allowed. The PRIMARY filegroup cannot be marked read-only.



When objects are created in the database without specifying to which filegroup they belong, they are assigned to the default filegroup. At any time, exactly one filegroup is designated as the default filegroup. The files in the default filegroup must be large enough to hold any new objects not allocated to other filegroups. Initially, the PRIMARY filegroup is the default filegroup.