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SIUD Procedures templates

For Select, Insert, Update and Delete procedures created from table templates can be defined within the corresponding tabs of the Object Templates window.


Object Templates


For each procedure type you can define the name template of the generated procedure. The available for naming {table_name} tag stands for the name of the table from which the procedure is being created.


Within the procedure editor window you are to specify the template for procedure definition. The following tags can be used:

{full_name} - stands for [schema_name].[procedure_name];

{table_name} - name of the table from which the procedure is being created;

{table_schema} - schema which contains the table;

{in_params} - input parameters of the procedure;

{columns} (for select, insert procedures) - list of table columns;

{where_clause} (for select, update, delete procedures) - where clause of the select/update/delete statement;

{values} (for insert procedure) - values to be inserted in the table;

{set_clause} (for update procedure) - set clause used in the update statement.


Click the tag to insert it at the cursor position.

Object names templates are defined within the DB Object Names tab.