Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server


When using SQL Manager for SQL Server, your are provided with multi-language interface support. You can change the program language, specify the directories for your localization files easily, edit existing localizations and create your own localization files.



Changing Program Language


In order to select the program interface language:

  • select the Options | Select Program Language... main menu item;
  • select the interface language in the Select Language dialog;
  • click OK to apply the language and close the dialog.


Editing Program Localization


In order to edit the interface localization:

  • open one of the program windows (e.g. Table Editor, Query Data) where you wish to edit the localization of captions and hints;
  • use the Shift+Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut to open the Localization Editor window;
  • edit window captions and hints as necessary;
  • click the Save btnSave button on the toolbar.

Note: The Localization Editor window is only available if the currently selected language is different from the default.



Creating New Localization Files


In order to create a new localization file:

  • create a new localization file similar to those located in the %program_directory%\Languages folder;
  • select the Options | Environment Options main menu item;
  • proceed to the Localization section of the Environment Options dialog;
  • click the Add button;
  • set the language name and the path to the new *.lng file within the Language Info Editor dialog.

The new language is added to the list of available languages. Now you can set it as the interface language using the Select Program Language dialog or the Localization section of the Environment Options dialog.