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Design Query

General options


CheckBox Allow SELECT queries only

When this option is checked, the INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements are not allowed in Design Query.


CheckBox Select condition row

Displays the selected condition in different rows on the Criteria and Grouping Criteria tabs of Design Query.


CheckBox Drag field name

Displays the dragged field name in the editor area.


CheckBox Hide selection when inactive

Hides the selection when the Design Query window is inactive.


CheckBox Show field types

Displays the field data type next to the field name in the table box.


CheckBox Union all by default

Check this option to use the UNION ALL expression in Design Query by default.

The UNION keyword allows you to include the results of two SELECT statements in one resulting table.

The ALL parameter incorporates all rows into the results, including duplicates. If not specified, duplicate rows are removed.


CheckBox Allow owner prefix for dbo objects

Adds the schema name to the table name in the 'Table' box caption (for [dbo] schema objects)


CheckBox Show actual execution plan on query execution

If this option is checked, the query plan is displayed within the corresponding tab of the Design Query window.


Environment Options - Tools - Query Builder


Visible tabs

These options specify which Design Query tabs are available and which are not. Use the check boxes to make the corresponding tabs visible/invisible.


Script format

These options specify case formatting of keywords and functions in query text within the Edit tab: As is keeps the original case, Uppercase sets all the keywords/functions to the upper case, Lowercase sets all the keywords/functions to the lower case, and First upper sets the first letters of all keywords/functions to the upper case.



Additionally, you can set styles and color for all Design Query objects by using Style & Color Palette.



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