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Execute Script

CheckBox Abort script execution on error

If this option is checked, script execution is aborted if an error occurs.


CheckBox Show statements explorer

With this option checked, Execute Script parses the loaded script to enable fast navigation in the Script Explorer tool.


CheckBox Show message when done

Displays a message box on finishing script execution.


CheckBox Show info messages (slower execution)

Select this option to enable information messages when working with scripts. This causes slower script execution.


CheckBox Execute selected text separately

If a text fragment is currently selected in Execute Script, only this fragment is executed when you click Execute script on the Navigation bar or press F9. If this option is disabled, the whole script is executed, but you can still execute the selected fragment using the corresponding Execute Selected Only item of the context menu or by pressing Ctrl+F9.


CheckBox Don't clear error list on selected text execution

If this option is checked, the error list is not cleared upon execution of the selected statement.


Environment Options - Tools - SQL Script


CheckBox Register newly created databases

If a script contains the CREATE DATABASE statement, it will be registered after script execution.


CheckBox Disable all code features in Execute Script

This option disables code completion, code folding, highlight and all options that are set on the Quick Code page in Execute Script. For options that are set on the Highlight page, the defaults will be applied.


Transaction options

CheckBox Rollback on abort

This option is only available if the Abort script on error option is checked. This option evokes automatic rollback when script execution is aborted.


CheckBox Start transaction automatically if needed

If the option is enabled then transaction starts automatically after statements is executed. Otherwise, the BEGIN statement is required for transaction to start.


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