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Code Completion

Automatic features


CheckBox Code completion

If this option is checked, then on typing the first word characters in the SQL text editor you will be offered some variants for the word completion in a popup list (an analogue of the Code Insight feature in Delphi IDE).



This option allows you to set the number of characters to be typed before code completion is activated.



Using this option you can change the time after which completion variants popup.


CheckBox Parameters completion

If this option is checked, the Delphi-like hint for key words is enabled.


CheckBox Group by type

If enabled, the items in the code completion list are sorted by type, otherwise they are sorted by name.


CheckBox Show information hints

This option enables/disables information hints.


CheckBox Accept by Space key too

Check this option to enable Code Completion list to close with the selected item input when pressing the space bar.


CheckBox Code parameters

If this option is checked, the Delphi-like hint for key words is enabled.



CheckBox Auto launch keyboard templates

Allows you to use keyboard templates for faster typing frequently used expressions (see Keyboard Templates).


Editor Options - Code Completion


Completion list object

The list contains all objects for which you can set quick code parameters. For your convenience the preview area (located to the right of the Completion list object list) illustrates the changes being made to each of the objects.

If you press the Disable element button, the standard settings will be applied to this object; the button text will change to Enable element. If you press this button, you will be able to change font and color attributes for this object.

Controls for changing the properties of the item selected in the Completion list object list are located on the right.


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