Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Working with Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor window consists of two basic areas: Active Process and All Locks.


Activity Monitor - Working with Activity Monitor



Hint: Background/suspended/sleeping processes are differentiated in the list by their icons next to the Process ID values.


The Active Process list displays the processes as a grid with the following columns: Process ID, Is System, Status, ExecutionContext, Blocking, Blocked By, CPU, Physical IO, Wait Type, Wait Time, Command, Application, Open Transactions, Database, User, Net Address, Net Library, Host, Memory Usage, Login Time, Last Batch.


For your convenience several filtering facilities are implemented: you can filter the rows in the Active Process list by process ID, by system/non-system attribute, or by status (background, suspended, sleeping, running). Use the corresponding controls in the upper area.


The All Locks list provides the following attributes of each lock: Process ID, Database ID, Database, Object ID, Object name, Index, Index ID, Lock type, Mode, Status, Owner, Resource.


If necessary, you can filter the rows in the All Locks list by processes or display all objects/internal.



Right-click an item within the Active Process or All Locks lists to call the context menu allowing you to kill a process, show SQL text, or show/hide columns of the list. Using the context menu you can also export the list of processes to any of supported output file formats.