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Target Servers

Multiserver administration which consists in automating administration across multiple instances of SQL Server is performed when there is a necessity to manage two or more servers and to schedule information flows between enterprise servers for data warehousing.


In a multiserver system, there is at least one master server and at least one target server.

A master server distributes jobs to target servers, and receives events from them. A master server also stores the central copy of job definitions for jobs that are run on target servers. Target servers connect periodically to the master server to update their schedule of jobs. If a new job exists on the master server, the target server downloads the job. After the target server completes the job, it reconnects to the master server and reports the status of the job.


Before using target servers, make sure that the SQL Server Agent service is running.







Full version (for Windows)


Lite version (for Windows)


Note: To compare all features of the Full and the Lite versions of SQL Manager, refer to the Feature Matrix page.