Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Feature Matrix

The FREE Lite version of SQL Manager for SQL Server does not include all features of the Full version and has some limitations concerning the number of the databases that can be registered and the set of data manipulation and server maintenance tools. The detailed feature matrix is given below.


Note that when using the FREE Lite version of SQL Manager for SQL Server you can activate a 30-day period of fully-functional usage. After the period expires, you will be able to continue using the Lite version.


For more information on activating the Full version features see Full Mode activation.


Full version Lite version
Support of SQL Server versions up to latest version and Azure SQL Database, including the latest features
Support of memory-optimized tables + +
Support of backup encryption + +
Support of backup to Windows Azure + +
Rapid database management and navigation
Multiple host/database connections + +
Database properties management + +
Server properties management + -
Registering databases for working with the required databases only + +
Favorite objects to work with the selected database objects only + +
Multiple user-defined tabs for any tree node to access it in one click. + +
Working with multiple selected objects at a time. + +
Grouping/ungrouping registered databases by host name + +
Working with queries and SQL scripts in DB Explorer tree like with database objects + +
Simple getting your database under source control + -
Easy management of all SQL Server objects
Creating/dropping databases and schemas + +
Managing tables and all their subobjects: fields, indices, triggers, checks and foreign keys + +
Managing views, procedures and user-defined functions + +
Managing user-defined types, synonyms, DDL triggers, assemblies, aggregates, XML schema collections, defaults, rules, partition functions and schemes, full-text catalogs and indices, symmetric and asymmetric keys, certificates + +
Managing jobs, schedules, alerts, operators, endpoints, linked servers, credentials, proxies + -
Duplicating all database objects + +
Viewing dependencies between database objects + +
Powerful Transact-SQL debugger to trace procedures, functions, SQL scripts + -
Advanced data manipulation tools
Powerful BLOB viewer/editor with several modes of viewing BLOB data + -
Plenty of useful tools such as data grouping, summarizing, fast searching and filtering + +
Master-detail view to work with two linked tables at the same time + -
Table and card views to see data the way you like + -
Ability to copy and paste selected records + -
Advanced printing system + -
Effective security management
Powerful login manager for administering server logins + +
Managing database users and user-defined roles + +
Managing server roles membership + +
Grant manager displaying all database object grants in the form of a grid + +
Viewing and changing object permissions to database roles in object editors + +
Excellent visual and text tools for query building
Visual query builder allowing you to build complicated queries without deep knowledge of SQL syntax + -
Multiple SQL editors with code completion, syntax highlight and code folding + +
Executing large scripts (SQL Script editor) + +
Ability to view actual and estimated query plan as a diagram + +
SQL Formatter (available from SQL Editor context menu) + -
Favorite Queries (save and use your frequently used queries easily) + -
Impressive data export and import abilities
Exporting data to most popular formats: MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, HTML, PDF, TXT, CSV, DBF, XML, ODF, etc. + -
Importing data from MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, XML, ODF, TXT and CSV + -
Bulk Insert wizard + -
Exporting data to SQL script as INSERT statement with specified destination DBMS + -
Visual Database Designer to handle database structure in a few clicks
Creating a diagram of an existing database using Reverse engineering tool + -
Dividing diagram into different subject areas located on separate pages + -
Navigation within the diagram using preview navigation tool + -
Creating/editing/dropping tables and table fields, visually setting links between them + -
Creating/editing/dropping views, procedures and user-defined functions + -
Saving as image or printing database diagram + -
Two diagram notations (IDEF1x and IE) + -
A lot of visual customization options + -
Easy-to-use wizards performing SQL Server administrative tasks
Backing up databases + +
Restoring databases + +
Attaching databases + +
Detaching databases + +
Shrinking databases + -
Managing indices + -
Updating statistics + -
Checking databases + -
Powerful tools to make your work with SQL Server as easy as it can be
Extracting metadata into text files or SQL Script editor + +
Powerful print metadata module for creating customizable metadata reports + -
HTML report generator to create a detailed HTML report of your database quickly + -
SQL Monitor + +
Managing backup devices + +
Managing database snapshots + -
Viewing SQL Server logs + -
Monitoring SQL Server activity + -
Quick search within the scope of database metadata + -
Comparison and synchronization of database structure + -
Report designer with clear in use report construction wizard
Using Create Report Wizard to create simple reports in a few clicks + -
Managing reports in the same way as if they were database objects: accessing reports directly through the DB Explorer tree + -
Powerful and easy-to-use graphical user interface
Office and Windows native visual schemes support + +
Well-described Wizard System + +
Improved database explorer for easy management of all SQL Server objects + +
MDI and floating-windows styles implementation + +
Windows Toolbar to switch between windows easily, like in Windows Task Bar + +
Navigation bars with hot actions in most of the windows + +
Ability to save all program settings + +
Customizable toolbars for all program windows + +
Fully customizable program interface + +
Powerful visual options module + +
Localizable program interface + +
...and other useful features
Keyboard templates + +
To-Do list + +
External Tools manager + +