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SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird provides graphical interface for a number of database maintenance operations. The following specific database tools are available in SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird:


Backup Database Wizard

Creates backup copies of databases.


Restore Database Wizard

Restores databases from previously created backups.


Database Validation

Validates the database, verifies the integrity of data structures.


Database Statistics

Collects statistics on a specified database.


Start/Stop database

Provides the ability to turn a database to a single-user mode (shutdown) and bring a database back online.


Rebuild Indexes

Recomputes or rebuilds database indexes.


Database Monitor

Displays various statistics on database in general and database activities.


Table Altering Monitor

Allows you to view the number of changes in table and view metadata.


Using templates

Facilitates using SQL Manager wizards.


To obtain detailed information concerning specific InterBase/Firebird database maintenance services, refer to the official server documentation.