Online Documentation for SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird

Journal management

All journal archive items within the Journals node are denoted by an archive sequence number that corresponds to the order in which the items were created in the archive.



Creating new backup archives


As the number of journal files grows in the archive, when you have not created more recent archived database dumps, the time that you will need to recover a database from the archive also grows. Therefore, it is a good practice to periodically create additional database dumps in the archive.


To create a new backup archive, right-click the Journal node and select the New Journal... item from the context menu. Backup Database wizard will guide you through the process of creating a new backup.


Journals - New archive




The archive may grow in storage size infinitely, as the database and the current journal files are continually archived. To garbage-collect archive items less than an archive sequence number, right-click the archive with the required sequence number within the Journal node in the DB Explorer tree and select the Tasks | Sweep Until... item from the context menu.


Journals - Sweep



Dropping journal

Dropping journal disables journal archiving for the database. It causes all journal files and database file dumps to be deleted in all journal archive directories. To drop the journal, right-click the Journal node and select the Drop Journal context menu item.


Journals - Drop


Viewing journal

Created journals can be opened to view. The appeared dialog allows all the operations described above except dropping journal. This how this dialog looks:


Journals - View


Table provides information about sequences. You can iconCreateArchive create new archive or iconSweepUntil sweep backups using corresponding context menu or navigation bar items.