Online Documentation for SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird

Creating/viewing journal

The Journal tab of Journal Editor allows you to set options that control the journaling configuration of the database.


Journal Editor - Setting journaling configuration options




Type in or use the ExplorerButton button to specify the full path to the journal file.


Base file name

Enter the base file name of the journal file.


Journal attributes



Specifies the number of pages that will be written to the journal file before initiating a rollover to a new journal file. A single journal file is limited to 2GB in size.


Page size

Determines the size (in bytes) of a journal page. A journal page size must be at least twice the size of a database page size. If a journal page size of less is specified, it will be rounded up to twice the database page size and a warning will be returned.


Page cache

Determines the number of journal buffers that will be allocated. The size of each buffer is the same as the journal page size.


Checkpoint length

Determines the number of journal pages to be written before initiating a database checkpoint.


Checkpoint interval

Determines the number of seconds between database checkpoints.


Note: If both Checkpoint length and Checkpoint interval are specified, whichever event occurs first will initiate a database checkpoint.


CheckBox Preallocate

Use this option to reserve specified amount (in pages) of disk space for the journal.


CheckBox Use timestamp name

Determines whether or not the file creation timestamp will be appended to the base journal file name. If this option is enabled, the base journal file name will be appended with a timestamp of the form:




To execute CREATE JOURNAL with the specified parameters and CREATE JOURNAL ARCHIVE, you can use the iconCompile Compile item available within the Navigation bar or toolbar.