Online Documentation for Data Comparer for InterBase/Firebird

Step 6 - Editing synchronization script

This step of Data Comparer wizard allows you to view and edit the synchronization script. This step is only available if the CheckBox View synchronization script option has been selected at Step 4.


Using the Script Editor area you can perform basic editing operations and / or toggle comments.


If necessary, you can save the result synchronization script to an external *.sql file using the Shift+Ctrl+S shortcut or the btnSaveScript Save as... toolbar button.


Step 6 - Editing synchronization script


For your convenience the syntax highlight, code completion and a number of other features for efficient SQL editing are implemented.


The context menu of SQL Script Editor area contains most of the standard text-processing functions (Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All) and functions for working with the script as a whole, e.g. you can toggle bookmarks, move the cursor to a particular line. Most of these operations can be also performed with the corresponding hot keys used.


Implementation of the Find Text / Replace Text dialogs and Incremental search bar contributes to more efficient work with the SQL code.


When you are done, press the Next button to proceed to the next step.