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Using Toolbar and context menu

The Toolbar and context menu provide quick access to tools implemented in Report Viewer.


Report Viewer - Using Toolbar


The Toolbar of Report Viewer allows you to:

btnPrint print the report

iconSaveToFile save the current report to an external *.fp3 file

iconReportViewer_Export call a menu allowing you to export the preview content to any of the available formats: PDF file, HTML file, RTF file, Excel table (OLE), Excel table (XML), BMP image, JPEG image, TIFF image, GIF image, E-mail, CSV file, Text file, Open Document Spreadsheet, Open Document Text, Text (matrix printer)

iconReportViewer_ExportToPDF specify Export to PDF options

iconReportViewer_SendByEmail specify Send by E-mail options

iconReportViewer_Find search for text within the report content

iconReportViewer_ZoomIn zoom in

iconReportViewer_ZoomOut zoom out

iconReportViewer_FullScreen enable/disable full screen view

iconReportViewer_ReportOutline enable/disable report outline

iconReportViewer_Thumbnails enable/disable report thumbnails

iconReportViewer_PageSettings specify page settings

iconReportViewer_GoToFirstPage navigate to the first page of the report

iconReportViewer_GoToPrevPage navigate to the previous page of the report

iconReportViewer_GoToNextPage navigate to the next page of the report

iconReportViewer_GoToLastPage navigate to the last page of the report


Items of the Toolbar are also available in the context menu of the Report Viewer window. To open the menu, right-click in the working area of the viewer.