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Restore from Journal Archive

If RadioButton Restore from Journal Archive is specified as the restore type, you need to set restore from journal archive backup options.


Note: This restore type is only available for InterBase 2009 or higher.


Restore Database - Restore from Journal Archive



Database archive file name

Type in or use the ExplorerButton button to specify the database archive file (*.DATABASE) from which the restore operation should be performed.



Login information

Specify the User name and Password to access the backup archive file.



Restore into

Specify the database into which you want to restore one from the source file.



RadioButton New database (into database file)

Select this option to create a new database to restore the backup into.



This group allows you to define the host on which the new database will be located.


RadioButton Existing host

Specifies that the database to be created will reside on an existing (already registered) host. Use the Host name drop-down list to select the host for the new database.


RadioButton New host

Specifies that the database to be created will reside on a new host. If this option is selected, you will need to specify new host options at the next step. For details see Setting connection parameters.



RadioButton Existing database (into database)

Select this option to restore the backup into an existing (already registered) database. Select the necessary database from the drop-down list.


CheckBox Use until option

Select this option to set the date and time before which the database with changes done is to be restored.

For your convenience the Date editor is implemented for inputting the timestamp: click the arrow-down button to call the Date editor popup window.



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