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public class GetHeaderFooterParamsEventArgs : EventArgs


    // Methods

    public GetHeaderFooterParamsEventArgs(int Sheet, int Col, int Row, XlsFormat Format, string Str);


    // Properties

    public int Col { get; }

    public XlsFormat Format { get; }

    public int Row { get; }

    public int Sheet { get; }

    public string Str { get; set; }


    // Fields

    private int _col;

    private XlsFormat _format;

    private int _row;

    private int _sheet;

    private string _str;



public delegate void GetHeaderFooterParamsEvent(object Sender, GetHeaderFooterParamsEventArgs e);


public event SqlManager.QExport.Delegates.GetHeaderFooterParamsEvent GetBeforeDataParams



The GetBeforeDataParams event takes place, when an empty cell should be inserted to the result table (e.g. if StartDataCol>0). Depending on the cell position (GetHeaderFooterParamsEventArgs.Col, GetHeaderFooterParamsEventArgs.Row) and format (GetHeaderFooterParamsEventArgs.Format) you can set a string value to the cell.