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public class GetAggregateParamsEventArgs : EventArgs


    // Methods

    public GetAggregateParamsEventArgs(int Sheet, int Col, XlsFormat Format, string FormatText, string Value);


    // Properties

    public int Col { get; }

    public XlsFormat Format { get; }

    public string FormatText { get; set; }

    public int Sheet { get; }

    public string Value { get; set; }


    // Fields

    private int _col;

    private XlsFormat _format;

    private string _formatText;

    private int _sheet;

    private string _value;



public delegate void GetAggregateParamsEvent(object Sender, GetAggregateParamsEventArgs e);


public event SqlManager.QExport.Delegates.GetAggregateParamsEvent GetAggregateParams



The GetAggregateParams event takes place, when the parameters of the cell, containing aggregate function, are recieved. Depending on the column number (GetAggregateParamsEventArgs.Col), you can change the format (GetAggregateParamsEventArgs.Format) of the cell value (GetAggregateParamsEventArgs.Value), or, if the value is empty, set a string value to the cell, e.g.