Online Documentation for SQL Query for PostgreSQL

Bars and Menus

Use the Bars and menus section of the Visual options dialog to customize SQL Query bars style, menus animation and a number of general options concerning toolbars and menus.


Visual Options - Bars and menus



Bar style

Use the drop-down list to select the painting style that will be applied to the bars:




XP native

Office 11


Note: If the XP native style is selected, bars use the currently applied XP theme to paint themselves. However, if the currently installed operating system is not Windows XP or the Windows Classic theme is currently applied, bars will be painted using the Enhanced style.


Menu animation

Use the drop-down list to specify the menu animation effects:

None (no animation)

Random (random choice: Unfold, Slide, Fade)

Unfold (unfolding menus)

Slide (sliding drop-down and popup menus)

Fade (menus fade in when appearing)


CheckBox Sunken border

If this option is enabled, the border of each dockable bar is drawn using sunken borders. Otherwise, no border is drawn around the dockable bar.


CheckBox Use F10 for menu

If this option is disabled, the application does not respond to the F10 key press events and the main menu will not will be called.


CheckBox Show full menus after delay

This option is available only if the Menus show recently used commands first option (available in the Customize dialog) is selected.

If this option is enabled, infrequently used menu items (if they appear "collapsed") will be automatically expanded after a delay upon setting mouse cursor (or upon selection with the Up/Down keys) on the bottom of the menu. Otherwise, the menu expands only after clicking its bottom-most button (or using the Ctrl+Down shortcut).


CheckBox Flat close buttons

This option determines the border style of the Close buttons.

If this option is enabled, the Close button is drawn flat. Otherwise, it has a 3D look.


CheckBox Gray-scale disabled images

This option specifies whether default images must be painted faded.

By default, images within disabled links are painted grayscale when the XP native or Office11 bar style is used. For other bar styles, such images are painted grayed out.

If this option is enabled, images of disabled links will be painted grayscale independently of the selected bar style.